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Pub Crawl – Friday, May 2

Loretta’s data


As promised I checked out a number of places last night for pre-game fun.  I met up with the group crawl very briefly as they were on route from Sluggers to FX.  But chose to go into the stadium at that point. 


I had a GREAT time, folks.  I was wooed for my potential to bring in business.  I got some excellent (free) sausage and fries at McCoy’s.  It was way more than I could eat so I shared it with whomever was interested in section 113.  The bartender at Tiki Bob’s showed off his prowess by making a drink similar to Mike’s that was more potent, better tasting and free.  A staff person from one of the places was so intrigued that he chose to join us at the game.


Places I visited in order from farthest away (3 really short blocks) to closest (on King at the north edge of the parking lot)


McCoy’s Firehouse                   173 S. Washington

Temple Billiards                         126 S. Jackson

King Street Bar & Oven              170 S. King

Tiki Bob’s Cantina                      166 S. King


As many of you know, I’m not a beer drinker, so I didn’t test beers and my investigation of beer was limited and sporadic.  Nonetheless, here’s what I gleaned, I’ve listed only happy hour prices as I determined that’s when we would be there.



Domestic Price

Import Price

Well drinks

Mike’s Lemonade

Food Prices







$3.50 – 8:00







$7 - 8


King St.





$5.25 – 9.00


Tiki Bob’s





$2 – 8:00




(1)     There’s always one beer for $2, last night it was Pabst.  There are a LOT of beers on tap here (11).  They also make their own sausage and it was good. Full menu: Appetizers, salads, BBQ (yum), Burgers, entrées, sandwiches. These guys even had the Sounders schedule and price brochures on display.

(2)     Pizza and Sandwiches until 7:00 PM

(3)     I was told “all drafts and wells” are $2.75 during happy hour 4 – 7 PM  … does this mean imports too?  I forgot to ask.  Full menu: Appetizers, salads, pizza, calzones (really good) and sandwiches. 

(4)     I spoke with A.J. and he promised us special ($2) pre-game prices on wells and domestics and also ½ price appetizers.  Appetizers would be $1 - $3 and there’s a good selection.  Tiki’s has also invited the players to visit after the games by sending VIP passes to them.  Our team is obligated to go to FX after the games so it’s unlikely they’d go to Tiki’s also.  However it shows that this particular bar was interested in out business.

Loretta’s unscientific ratings:



*****McCoy’s and Tiki Bob’s top the list here.  They were hospitable and offered excellent service and advice.  McCoy’s even gave me a tour of the kitchen and the underground space.  Of course when you get free food or drinks … 

*The other two places showed little to no interest.



McCoy’s and Tiki’s come out best here also. 

*****Tiki’s was spacious and had several sectioned off places any of which would work well for the group.

****McCoy’s brick and historic architecture was warm and comfortable. It’s set up as two sections, we could easily make one our own.

***King St. was nice but it seems to be a popular place.  I think it’s unlikely that we’d be able to secure a section for ourselves, but the numbers yesterday could have been an anomaly. 

**The Billiard’s place was nice but is really about billiards.  There was limited space away from the tables but it would probably be enough for our group. 



*****Tiki Bob’s and King St. Bar and Oven are the best choices (they are connected inside which could be a plus for us).  You can’t get closer than King St., just north of the parking lot,

****Temple is halfway between.

 ***McCoy’s was the furthest at three short blocks. 


Loretta’s choice:

I liked McCoy’s best but can’t think of any reason why it’s better than Tiki Bob’s.   And Tiki’s had a pool table.