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Our Mission

This site is intended as a tool to help grow the Sounders supporters group back to where it belongs. To return to being the loudest, most passionate group in the USL Division One. Unfortunately, due to previous bad decisions by the club and resulting apathy by disillusioned supporters, the group has shrunk. This is unacceptable.

We will not stand for being a second class group. We will not stand for being slagged by P*rtland and V*ncouver supporters. It is time for something to be done to return to prominence and glory.

We want people who will stand and sing at the matches, show their colors. Bring flags, horns, drum, loud voices etc. Fans that will truly give the Sounders home field advantage. Ideally, our antics will be contagious and energize the rest of the crowd. If this sounds familiar, it was taken in part from Seattle Pitch and the Sam's Army drivel.

Is a website enough? Of course not. This is just a tool to provide resources, such as songs and chants, news on roadtrips to support our lads in enemy territory, and ways to show your support such as how to make flags, order supporter scarves, and the like.

So... what can YOU do to help?

bullet Stand with us in Seahawks Stadium. Learn our songs and chants. Support the Jet City against all our rivals.
bullet Make or buy a flag. It's easy, and surprisingly affordable. See here for how to make your own for not a lot of money.
bullet Spread word about us to your friends, co-workers, teammates. Bring one new supporter and get him/her hooked.
bullet Join the Sounders supporters mailing list. Get involved in the discussions.
bullet Email the Sounders' front office people. Let them know what you like and don't like. Let them know what they could do differently to better the atmosphere at the matches.
bullet Go on at least one road trip with us a season to Portland and/or Vancouver.